Staff Information

Our team of staff are totally committed to delivering good quality early years education and they all have a wealth of experience to offer with recognised and relevant early years care and education qualifications. Our staff regularly take advantage of training offered by many organisations that specialise in early years.  These courses include, training on a variety of specialist needs, first aid, behaviour management, EYFS, courses on new initiatives/innovative ideas offered by the local authority.

We aim to operate above the guided ratio of staff to children for each session.


Melonie Venner is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (Senco) and will co-ordinate and implement any strategies supplied by outside agencies and will work closely with these agencies to ensure your child gets the support needed.


Our staff work extremely well as a team led by Michelle Beerensson (Manager) and assisted by Jane Goddard (Deputy Manager).  The staff are always available for discussions with parents, for specific enquires about your child please see your child’s key person.  We value parent’s comments and feedback is very important to us.  If there are any aspects which with you are unhappy, please see Michelle or Jane who will do their best to deal with your concerns.

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